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If you are going to launch your business on Amazon, you are in the perfect place. Our team is perfect to boost and elevate your Amazon wholesale business. This will make your business successful and competent in the marketplace.

We use the required tools and provide services that will dominate you in the market. We know the challenges you can face when starting or scaling up your business on Amazon. Our experienced team will assist you in establishing your shop in Amazon wholesale.

Amazon FBA Wholesale

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The purpose of prismx.net is to provide you with reliable services and solutions. We are here to provide you with all the needed solutions and tools. Prismx.net works to dominate your business in the world of e-commerce.

Our experienced team will generate your revenue by organizing your operations. Let prismx.net be your partner in success by growing your Amazon Wholesale Business with us!

So, if you want to dominate the Amazon marketplace, then what are you waiting for?

  • Advanced Tools

    Prismx.net uses advanced tools for price analysis and product sourcing. These tools play a key role in finding the best product.


Prismx.net has experience of 7+ years. We are expert in researching pricing strategies and market trends. Prismx.net will help you in getting the highest profits.

Customer Service

We are providing excellent customer service. We’re here for you to solve your queries. Solving all your problems and providing you with excellent services is our passion.


Support for the Customers

  • WhatsApp group of your team leaders with our virtual assistants to keep you updated.
  • Only professionals will operate your accounts.
  • Working with our experienced team will be very beneficial to you.
  • Our team has complete knowledge and experience in all the major marketplaces.

Methods for Order Fulfillment

In Amazon wholesale, there are two models of order fulfilment. These are:

  • FBA - Fulfilment by Amazon
  • FBM – Fulfilment by Merchant


FBA allows you to store your products on Amazon. Amazon receives, packages and delivers your products to your customers.


In FBM, you store products in your warehouse. You pick, package and deliver products to your customers. Both have their pros and cons.

Selecting between FBA and FBM depends on your product and business type. But don’t worry because Prismx.net is here to make you successful in e-commerce.

Our Process

You can benefit your business either when you are starting or expanding it. We are offering the following services.


Account Creation

We help you unlock opportunities through successful account creation. Amazon account creation requires a lot of expertise. We create accounts by ensuring all the guidelines recommended by Amazon. Our team helps you to avoid all risks of account suspensions.


Product Research & Sourcing

Finding a profitable and demanding product is most important.
We help you find a product that is in demand and has healthy sales numbers. The whole success of your business on Amazon is dependent on product selection.


Brand Approvals

Contacting brands for product approvals requires a lot of experience and knowledge. We understand the importance of your profitability in business. Our main concern is to get approvals from good brands that can yield you good profit.


Inventory Management

We keep a close eye on your inventory. We ensure enough stock in your inventory to fulfill customer’s orders. We assure you that you will never miss sales with our optimized inventory management services. Have our services to go with the flow.


Listing Optimization

We list your products with attractive descriptions and high-quality images.
Optimized listing is a way to attract and engage your audience. You can’t generate your revenue if your listings are not optimized. Our mission is to generate your revenue.


Marketing Strategies

Our marketing experts will analyze your business. We design marketing strategies according to business needs and help you to grow your business. We work to maximize the visibility of your products. Our experts help you attain your ideal sales number.

Selling on Amazon by Arbitrage Method

When you are selling on Amazon by arbitrage method, there are two ways:

  • Online arbitrage
  • Retail arbitrage

Online arbitrage includes buying products from online sellers and selling them on Amazon. While in retail arbitrage, you buy products from physical shops. You can use two ways to store and ship your products in the arbitrage method. These are:

  • Fulfilment by Amazon
  • Fulfilment by Merchant

Success in arbitrage depends on research. This selection requires expertise and knowledge. Prismx.net is here to help you find a product that is in high demand on Amazon.

Our Services

Our IT services converge business and technology experts to help to manage business processes of all categories.
Product Sourcing

Success in arbitrage depends on research. This selection requires expertise and knowledge. Prismx.net is here to help you find a product that is in high demand on Amazon.

Price Analysis

Prismx.net is here to do a detailed price analysis to find a product with maximum profit. We set your pricing strategies by researching market trends to make you competent in the marketplace.

Sales & Fulfilment

Prismx.net is expert in handling all the order fulfillment requirements for you. Prismx.net analyzes your business to select between FBA or FBM. Prismx.net determines the right method for you to compete.


Amazon Account Reinstatement

Are you working on Amazon and are facing Amazon Account Suspension? Prismx.net is here for you. With our seven years of expertise, we are providing exceptional Amazon Account Reinstatement services. Prismx.net is here to assist you in regaining access to your Amazon Account.

Our Plan of Action:

  • Consultation Session

  • Submitting Plan of Action

  • Start Selling Again

  • Boost Sales

  • Suspension Appeal

  • Account Health Check

  • Suspension Prevention

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